Please check before making an inquiry.

About your order

Please tell me how to pay the price.
The available payment methods are as follows.

■ Credit card

The following credit card companies are available.
Doll Lab ドールラボクレジットカード

※ Payment by cash on delivery, bank transfer is not received.

Please tell me about shipping and shipping costs.
Delivery fee is 520 yen in Japan. (Including fee)
We will ship in 1 to 3 business days after your order.
You can check the delivery status by tracking number.
You can not specify the delivery method and date.
Overseas .. shipping. Price list of EMS from here
Can I change my order details?
We apologize, but we can not accept any changes or cancellations after ordering.
Do you ever sell out after your order is complete?
Due to the following reasons [out of stock] [out of stock] may occur. Thank you for your understanding.

When orders are concentrated on one product at a time

※ Due to the convenience of the system, there is a difference between the inventory on the operation screen and the actual inventory,
Even after your order is complete, you may not be able to prepare the product.

If any defects or defects are found in the product during delivery work, and there is no stock in our shop

If the above reasons occur, I am really sorry to hear from you, but
There is a case to cancel processing etc.
I did not receive an email from the store.
Please check the following if the confirmation email is not delivered automatically after 1 hour after membership registration or order completion.

・ Please check if it is not sorted into spam mail folder.

In many cases, customers using free e-mail or mobile e-mail can not receive an order confirmation e-mail.

・ Please confirm the reception refusal setting of mail.

As there is a possibility of reception refusal setting (PC mail reception refusal with the portable),
Please set your domain to allow reception on dolllab.net.

・ Please check if there is a mistake in the e-mail address.

Due to an error in the e-mail address, the number of cases where e-mail can not be delivered is increasing.

If you do not receive the email after confirming the above, please contact the following items from the inquiry form.
■ Name at the time of order ■ Order number (ID) ※ It does not matter if you understand ■ Email address at the time of order

About cancellation / return / exchange

Can I cancel my order?
We apologize, but we do not accept cancellations due to the convenience of our customers.
Can I return?
Excuse me, but, in principle, we can not respond to returned goods (refunds) in our shop.
Please note in advance that defective products will be replaced with non-defective products of the same product.

In case of refund

1. After customer settlement is complete, if your order is out of stock
2. If the delivered product is confirmed as defective and there is no substitute, please contact us within 7 days of the product arrival.
※ We do not accept returned goods (refunds) on customer's convenience other than the above.

In the following cases, returns can not be accepted

・ If more than 8 days have passed since product arrival ※ If it is over one week even if it is defective product, it can not be handled ・ Used product ・ Product purchased outside of Doll Lab ・ Contact in advance If there is no return, sale campaign product
I received a different product from the one I ordered.
We apologize for the inconvenience.
We apologize for the inconvenience, but please contact the Doll Lab.

About the product

Are there any restocking of sold items?
There is not basically any kind of outfitting.
However, products that are scheduled to be restocked may be listed on the product page.
Damage has occurred to the purchased doll.
We will check if maintenance is possible, so please feel free to contact us.
Maintenance receptionist becomes only the doll itself.
※ Please note that in some cases maintenance may not be accepted.
Do you sell doll eyes for left and right only?
Basically, the doll eye is sold in one pair (two sets of left and right).
What is a heat resistant wig?
Generally refers to heat resistant wig of 100 degrees or more.
You can enjoy a free arrangement by using a hairdryer, hair iron and iron.
* The heat resistance temperature of wigs used in our shop is 180 degrees unless otherwise stated.
Please let us know the size of the doll outfit (clothes etc.).
Our Doll Outfit for Sale is basically 22 cm, 1/6 Doll adaptation size.
Is the doll outfit (clothes, shoes, etc.) washable?
Please refrain from washing per handmade items that are delicate in making.
Doll outfits are very delicate because they are handmade.
Please refrain from washing, such as soaking in water, as some products use materials that are not suitable for washing.
Please tell me the size of the wig for dolls.
The wig for dolls sold in our shop is basically 12 inches (head circumference approx. 30 cm) and 1/6 hair doll adaptation size.
Please tell me how to clean wigs.
Please refer to the following.

1. Wash

Put warm water in the basin and lightly rinse it.
If you use hair wax, mousse etc., wash with shampoo etc. lightly.
The key to keeping your hair smooth is to use a softener for your clothes.

2. Dry

Set in a wig stand and shade in a well-ventilated place.

3. Storage

Avoid places that are hot and humid and store them in a box.
Please be careful about underlaying of heavy things and packing in a box.
Please keep in mind that the wig will not collapse.

About membership registration and withdrawal

Is membership registration free?
Yes it's free.
If you register as a member, you will save time and trouble in entering your address next time you shop. Please use it by all means
I would like to change membership information?
Please change from my page.・ PC: After login from the upper right of the top page From "My page" · Smartphone: From the top page after login "My page" can be changed.
I forgot my password.
Please follow the password reissue procedure from "Forgot your password?" From the login screen.
Please tell me how to leave the member.
From My Page "Withdrawal Procedure", please cancel your membership registration.

About other

How long do you accept e-mail inquiries?
We accept inquiries 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Reply correspondence is done within the next business day-3 days.
It is closed on weekends and holidays.
I would like to issue a receipt.
Please contact us from the inquiry form before ordering.